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Based on the characters and story from the best-selling novel by Stephen King, The Dead Zone is a unique psychological thriller that combines a rich mix of the paranormal, action, and a continuing quest for justice.
Johnny Smith once led an idyllic small-town life. Employed as a science teacher, Johnny took great pleasure in showing his students the wonders of the natural world. He was engaged to a loving fiancée named Sarah, a fellow teacher he'd known since childhood, and was a good son to his widowed mother. Johnny's life was nearly perfect... until the day it was interrupted by a near-fatal car crash that left him in a deep coma for six years.
It's now been over three years since Johnny regained consciousness and discovered that life as he once knew it has completely changed forever. His mother has long since passed away, Sarah has married someone else - and he has a son he's just now getting to know. Even Johnny is no longer the same person he once was: he now possesses amazing psychic powers that allow him to see into the past and future through visions triggered by touch.
Since recovering from his coma, Johnny has struggled to reacquaint himself with a life that has changed radically. It has been a difficult quest for Johnny to come to terms with his psychic abilities - abilities that are both a blessing and a curse. Helping Johnny in life's journey are his physical therapist and best friend, Bruce Lewis; the executor of his mother's estate, Gene Purdy, who oversees Johnny's trust fund but may not be looking out for Johnny's best interests; and both Sarah and her husband Sheriff Walt Bannerman who struggle to include Johnny in their lives for the sake of their son, J.J.

Opening Monologue
I had the perfect life. Until I was in a coma for six years.
When I woke up, I found my fiancé married to another man.
And they are raising my son.
Everything is changed.
Including me.
One touch and I can see things.
Things that happend, things that will happen.
You should see what I see.

Anthony Michael Hall ••••• Johnny Smith
Chris Bruno ••••• Sheriff Walt Bannerman
John L. Adams ••••• Bruce Lewis
Nicole de Boer ••••• Sarah Bracknell Bannerman
David Ogden Stiers ••••• Reverend Gene Purdy
Bill Mondy ••••• Deputy Roscoe
Spencer Achtymichuk ••••• Johnny "J.J." Bannerman
Kristen Dalton ••••• Dana Bright
Sean Patrick Flanery ••••• Greg Stillson
Genre: Crime, Drama, Psychological Thriller
Original Channel: USA Network
Reruns Airing: Weekdays at 5 a.m. PT | 6 a.m. MT | 7 a.m. CT | 8 a.m. ET on Sleuth Channel
Debut Date: June 16, 2002
End Date: September 16, 2007